Max Normal is a character developed through 20 years of performing around the world. A qualified civil engineer, he worked in Africa before quitting the building life when he found the entry “Boring – see civil engineering” in the yellow pages. Born in England, he has travelled extensively around the world with his performances. He spent 16 years living in a home made camping car, and now is also occasionally resident on a small farm in Norway. Max has been performing since 1991 around the world on stages, festivals, streets and some places it’s probably better not to talk about.

Things to know about Max.

Max Normal smiles at pensioners
Max Normal has been known to miss the obvious.
Max Normal is more than just a competent fool.
Max Normal makes you laugh.
Max Normal does not eat the daffodils.
Max Normal is a jack of all trades, and a master of fun.

Max Normal brings a unique blend of excitement, madness and laughter to his performances which has brought the master provocateur excellent reviews.

Max Normal has worked at festivals, company events, Christmas parties, private parties, weddings,bars and clubs. He is available for festivals, parties, conferences, hotels, weddings, bar mitzvahs, divorce parties, funerals….in fact he’s just available.